The New Brighton BAR NOTABLE (Buenos Aires)

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The New Brighton BAR NOTABLE
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The New Brighton BAR NOTABLE is an elegant and historic restaurant located at Sarmiento 645 in San Nicolás, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Situated just 0.4 km from the Catedral Primada, this churrasquería offers a taste of traditional Argentine and South American cuisine.

The restaurant boasts a charming and tranquil atmosphere, making it a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful dining experience in the bustling microcenter area. With its preserved 1930s-40s decor and historical significance, The New Brighton BAR NOTABLE provides a unique and immersive experience.

The menu features a variety of dishes to satisfy different palates, with options available for vegetarians and those with gluten-free dietary requirements. Customers have praised the quality of the food, particularly the exquisite ojo de bife a la bordalesa (rib-eye steak) and the dio de espinaca (spinach dip).

In addition to its culinary offerings, The New Brighton BAR NOTABLE offers a full bar, serving a wide selection of alcoholic beverages including wine and beer. The restaurant is also known for its live music, with jazz performances adding to the ambiance.

Customer reviews highlight the attentive and professional service provided by the staff, who are seasoned professionals in their field. The mozos (waiters) possess a wealth of knowledge, not only in the culinary arts but also in the history of the establishment. Their dedication to ensuring a memorable dining experience is highly praised by visitors.

One aspect of the restaurant’s decor that has received mixed reviews is the presence of taxidermied animals on the walls. While some find it adds to the ambiance and retro charm, others feel that it detracts from the overall aesthetic.

Despite this minor concern, The New Brighton BAR NOTABLE is a beloved and recognized dining establishment in Buenos Aires. Its elegant atmosphere, excellent service, and quality cuisine make it a must-visit for those wanting to experience a taste of the past while enjoying a delicious meal.

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